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The Hopewell Fish and Game Association rifle range has a variety of yardages to shoot at with backstops.
25 Yards - 50 Yards - 100 Yards - 200 Yards - 300 Yards

2023 Groundhog Shoots RETURN!
For information about Hopewell Fish and Game Groundhog Shoots, please refer to our OFFICIAL Groundhog Shoot page by CLICKING HERE! 




• Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult member, while on the ranges.

• Vehicles must be parked on the lot at the rifle range while using the Archery Range, Rifle Range, Pistol Range or visiting the Raceway.

• All target shooting will be on designated ranges only.

• All ranges will be open for use year round (except during scheduled events).

• Flag must be posted before using or visiting any of the ranges or the raceway, and replaced in the box when leaving. The flag post/box is located at the entrance to the property. RED Flag – Rifle and Pistol Range WHITE Flag – Trap Range GREEN Flag – Archery Range BLUE Flag – Raceway YELLOW Flag – Silhouette Range Person must display proof of membership.

• Private rentals will be confined to the club house. Leasee will be responsible for anyone in attendance. All Ranges will remain open to the membership.

• The person in charge at all scheduled shooting events on H.F.G. property is the designated range safety officer on duty.

General Rules May Apply to ALL Ranges
1. Proper gun safety shall be observed at all times and includes adequate hearing and eye protection.
2. Members must sign in upon arrival, and guests must read and sign the release agreement.
3. All persons must utilize the red lights or flags at the benches to alert others that someone is placing/checking targets down range.
4. All shooters must fire from the shooting benches. Absolutely no shooting is allowed outside of this area unless specifically permitted at that time and for each time by the range Committee, Range Safety Officer, or the Board of Directors.
5. There will be no handling of firearms while people are down range.
6. Only proper targets posted on supplied backers are permitted.
7. Firearms using center-fire cartridges .50 BMG caliber or larger are prohibited.
8. Fully automatic firearms are prohibited.
9. Rapid fire from any firearm is limited to 8 rounds at a time.
10. Tracers or any ammunition considered incendiary or explosive are prohibited
11. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on ranges at any time.

1. The flag must be displayed at the Flag Post before entering the range for any reason.
2. Utilize the red lights at the benches before anyone goes down range. Keep hands off firearms. No adjusting of firearms or sights on benches while anyone is down range. Safety flags are to be utilized in case of power failure.
3. Shooting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. only.
4. Each member will be permitted 1 (one) guest. The member and guest will share a bench if the range is busy.
5. If the range is busy, please limit your time to ½ hour.
6. Only paper or authorized targets are to be used on the range. No can, bottles, clay birds, etc. No explosive targets! Authorized targets will be posted at the range.
7. The membership card must be worn on the outer garment or otherwise conspicuously displayed.
8. Full auto and BMG rifles are prohibited.
9. Shotguns may be patterned on the rifle range. Use the designated movable target rack to pattern shotguns.
10. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.
11. All actions will be open and magazines emptied or removed, or guns unloaded and cased before anyone goes down range.
12. Do not hang targets from the backstops and dispose of them properly. Pick up unwanted brass and place in the containers provided.
13. So not dispose of live ammunition in the trash containers. Use the defective ammo boxes.
14. No vehicles are allowed on the ranges.
15. No unattended children are allowed in the vicinity of the range.
16. Rapid fire is limited to strings of 8 shots.


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