2024 Groundhog Shoots began on April 14th and the monthly shoots runs through September of 2024.

Signup for the shoots begins at 7:45AM, on the day of the shoot, actual shooting begins at 8:30AM or if we have the first relay of shooters ready, 8:00AM.  Custom/Factory relays shoot first, followed by Hunter and Youth relays.  Relay start times depend on the number of participants, but generally, the first Hunter class relay begins at 9:30AM and Youth class at 10:30AM

Shooters can participate in one or more of the Custom, Factory, and Hunter classes.

Everyone is welcome to shoot, from novice to experienced.


April 14
May 19
June 23
July 14
Aug 11
September 8
Sept 29

Additional Information
The shoots are set up so that everyone can find a class to shoot in that is comfortable for them.  An expensive custom rifle is not required to participate in the Groundhog Shoot.   As example, the Hunter Class is designed for shooters of any skill level, using the most basic hunting rifles. The Hunter Class shooters fire at targets with larger scoring rings than those used in the other two classes of shooting. While this is a timed event, extra time is allotted to shooters in the Hunter Class to fire their rounds.  More experienced shooters always stand ready during this event, to assist novice shooters with any problems they might encounter, or questions they have.

We recognize a "Shooter of the Year" in each of the 4 classes (Factory, Custom, Hunter, and Youth).  The winner in each class is determined by their average score in a minimum of 5 shoots during the season each year.   Your 5 best shoot scores of the season count toward your average.  The overall season score average (7 shoots) is used as a tie-breaker.

Come out and join the fun and fellowship with friends and maybe make some new ones!

For any questions regarding the Groundhog Shoots, please contact the Goundhog Committee chairperson, Allan Masters at 717-881-7704.



SETUP - 7:00AM
SIGNUP – begins 7:45AM and remains open until last relay in each class begins
SHOOT - from 8/8:30AM until 1:00PM
COST: $10 per registered rifle per class in Customer, Factory, or Hunting.  Youth class is $5 per registered rifle.

50% of collected fees will be paid out at every shoot (Except Youth class).
The number of places paid out will be determined by the number of shooters in each class.

Classes of Competition:
Factory Class (Shooters 18+ years old & shoot 100/200/300 yd targets)
Aftermarket stocks are allowed, but no target style stocks.
Factory barrel & action.
Bedding and trigger work is allowed.
Tuners and muzzle brakes allowed but no bolt on accuracy assets or sleds.

Custom Class (Shooters 18+ years old & shoot 100/200/300 yd targets)
Tuners and muzzle brakes allowed but no bolt on accuracy assets or sleds.

Hunter Class (Shooters 18+ years old & shoot 100/200 yd targets)
Hunting style rifles only.
Must have factory stock, barrel, and action.  No aftermarket components.
Tuners and muzzle brakes allowed but no bolt on accuracy assets.

Youth Class (Shooters aged 8 – 17 & shoot 100/200/300 yd targets)
No monetary awards are given in Youth class.
Shooter MUST be accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian above 21 years old.
Coaching/Spotting is allowed.
Tuners and muzzle brakes allowed but no bolt on accuracy assets.

General Rules:

•    All Calibers Allowed Up To 50BMG
•    All rifles subject to safety inspection by members of the range staff.
•    Shooters with muzzle brakes will shoot in separate relays in each class.
•    Unlimited Scope power allowed in all classes.
•    May shoot with a bi-pod, bag, or front rest including a level indicator and use of detached rear bag permitted. No sleds.
•    No rail guns allowed.

Each participant must sign the waiver document prior to shooting at any Hopewell Fish and Game Association shooting event. Click HERE to download our waiver.

Safety is the first and most important rule.  All shooters will follow all HFGA safety rules and procedures at all times with no exceptions.  If you are found knowingly violating a safety rule, you will be disqualified.

All rifles should be made safe and not handled in any way if there are people downrange.

Bolts are to be removed from all rifles at all times except for the period between the Range Masters “Insert Bolts” command, until the shooter finishes the last shot, or until the Range Master issues the “Cease Fire” command.  Bolts will be removed before moving the rifle from the bench.  Rifles with a non-removable bolt will be made safe by opening the bolt and inserting an empty chamber indicator.

In the event of an Emergency Cease Fire command, all rifles must be made safe by removing the bolt or opening the bolt and inserting an empty chamber indicator.  During the Emergency Cease Fire, all shooters will step back away from the bench after making their rifles safe.  If you are unable to clear your rifle because you “jam” your bullets, then immediately let the range master know.

When the red lights are illuminated, indicating the range is not safe, all rifles should be made safe and not handled in any way.

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted.

All shooters and spectators should have eye and ear protection.  This is each person’s responsibility.

No sighting in is permitted on the day of the match.

No pre-registration will be allowed.  All shooters must register in person.

Shooters are responsible for their own time keeping.  The Range Master will keep the official time.

All non-members must sign a waiver form.  Refusal to sign the waiver form will result in the shooter not being allowed to register or participate in the match.

Cease Fire Command:   A shooter firing after the cease fire command is issued by the Range Master will lose the highest shot scored on the target.
Spotting Scopes:  Spotting scopes are allowed on the bench during competition.  

Coaching/Spotting:  No coaching or spotting is allowed except for competitors participating in the Youth class.

Extra Shots:  If more than the correct number of shots is on the score target, the worst shots will be scored.

Sighting In:  Sighting in at distances other than the current relay is not permitted.  Shooters may use the sight in area of the target to sight in.

Rifles:  Shooters must use the same rifle throughout the entire relay.

Wind Flags:  No Wind flags are permitted on the range except those the that may be provided by the club.

Scoring:  The official scorers are not paid professionals and are doing the best that they can.  If you believe your target is scored incorrectly, politely bring it to their attention.  If you are rude about it, it is likely that your score will remain unchanged.

The shooter receives the point value of the ring the bullet hits.  For shots outside the scoring rings the shooter receives five points if the bullet is in or touches the edge of the groundhog outline.

Outside Edge Scoring:  The shooter receives the score for the highest ring that the bullet touches.  If the edge of the bullet touches the outside edge of the ten ring, the shooter will receive ten points.

X-Count:  The shooter receives a score of 10 and an X if the entire bullet hole is inside the ten ring and not touching it.

Course of Fire:  Will be 200 yards, 300 yards, then 100 yards.  Five shots will be fired for each score at each yardage.  Relays will be timed at six (6) minutes at all yardages.

Ties:  In the event of a tie, same score and same X count, will be broken by the shot closest to the center starting at the longest distance.


For more information contact: Alan Masters at 717-881-7704



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